30 Dec 2012

Lush Gift Box Sale Haul

Christmas Candy - originally £19.95, sale price £9.98
Bunty (Pink) - originally £13.25, sale price £6.63
Hello Gorgeous - originally £20.95, sale price £10.48
Sweet Christmas - originally £6.95, sale price £3.48
Hello! Hope you all had a fab Christmas. I had a rather quiet Christmas at home this year which was lovely but different! Off down to Manchester today so that will all change.
I've been working quite a bit around the holidays so being surrounded by sales has made me shop a lot, although the sales have been a little bit disappointing this year. I'm planning on buying a camera lens at some point so I think that will be my big sale splurge this year dependent on what goodies the Arndale brings. My only major purchase this sale season happened in Lush. I originally went in to pick up some Snow Fairy, however all of the Glasgow stores had sold out of all sizes of the bottles and instead decided to pick up some gift boxes... Never fear, I did get some Snow Fairy! And lots of my other favourites such as Candy Mountain and the Comforter. I'm going to give the Bunty Box to my mum for her birthday in January, but the other boxes are for little ol' me. I would definitely recommend popping in to your local Lush if you fancy a bargain, but both of the Glasgow stores were looking a little bare on Friday so it might be a bit sparse!
I have this week off work but I'm going to be down in Manchester until Wednesday however I'll still try post now life is a bit quieter.

Lots of love,



  1. I love Lush and these gifts seem so cute!


  2. Hello(: I've nominated you for the liebster award! Check out my post on www.p-isforpippa.blogspot.co.uk to recieve the questions(:
    Happy blogging!


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