3 Oct 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #4

Dress - Shoes - Book - Camera
Okay, so, I am in love with this dress. Hence the heart. It is beautiful! I'm definitely after it to wear to my boyfriend's 18th and my school's Christmas after party, I actually just bought this dress for the dance and Christmas itself, another pretty dress to add to my collection. It'll look great with my JC Foxys, much like how the dress in my wishlist will look perfect with the faux leather Lita dupes that I've been after for a while!
I've wanted to read this book for an awful long time, I've had the film recorded on the Tivo for ages but like I've mentioned before I'm fussy about reading the book before I see the film. Can't quite decide if I should get it on my Kindle or not, I'm trying to build up my collection of print books after I had a bit of a clear out of all my old books, but I do love reading on the Kindle!
In photography last week we were messing about with some old film cameras and I am in love, they produce such beautiful pictures that digital just can't quite reach sometimes. I think I'll definitely be asking for this Pentax K1000 for Christmas, I have a thing for having a physical copy of a photograph to put on my wall or in an album but my photo printer broke a couple of years ago and I just haven't got round to replacing it.
What's on your wishlist this week?



  1. Lolita is creepy as fuck but I think it's one of those 'you have to read once' books x

  2. A word of advice - don't get the fake litas from daisy street!! I ordered a pair in purple suede a while ago and they arrived and the suede was actually felt and instead of purple laces, they were neon pink! So gross! They were extra high and extremely uncomfortable, so I saved up and bought myself a pair of JC's which are completely different. They are so comfortable, really well made and well worth the money! xx


  3. that camera looks amazing :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
    www.nessa-mae.blogspot.co.uk, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  4. I love my pentax! Film photography is such a fun hobby - I love the photos they take as well. Lomography is also really fun to play around with.



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