22 Oct 2012

Every now and then the stars collide

All images are my own, more on my Flickr
Hello! I thought I would just share part of the reason I've been so absent lately. Working on my photography project is overwhelming at the moment! These aren't for my actual project, these are just a few random snaps I've taken amongst my work. I've got a lot of work to do, but researching beautiful fashion photography isn't the worst task I've ever undertaken! School and university are pretty hectic at the moment but I'm trying my best to keep on top of things. Fingers crossed everything will calm down soon enough.
Short and sweet, just the way I like it.


15 Oct 2012

Together in electric dreams

Dress - Topshop (actually Amy's)
Shoes - River Island
Making one of those rare appearances that I put in every so often... I have been insanely busy lately! I have the week off of school this week so I'll hopefully get back in to the swing of things. Thank you to Amy for taking this photo - in the bathroom of China Buffet King no less- before we went to a party that I do not want to go in to details about. It's actually full on neon orange which I had a sudden craving to wear, I think the dull weather has made me desperate for bright colours. I'm after a neon green dress I saw in H&M a few weeks ago that now seems to have disappeared!
Anyway, got quite a few things planned for this week, including going to the cinema a couple of times, seeing The Gaslight Anthem, lots of school work and hopefully some blogging! School is a bit full on at the moment so a week off will be lovely. I need to finish my UCAS but I'm waiting till I've visited a couple more universities before I send it off. On Friday I went to visit the Borders campus of Heriot Watt which was a lovely university but quite out of the way... Going to see Robert Gordon in November which is currently my first choice but it depends how the visit goes.
Last night I went to see Kevin Bridges at the SECC who was absolutely hilarious, I can't remember the last time I laughed like that. Can't wait for the DVD! Today is mostly dedicated to job hunting, but I'm going to the cinema tonight to see Perks of Being a Wallflower again.

P.S. My giveaway ended on Friday, and the winner was the lovely Mia!

Lots of love.


5 Oct 2012

She's Like the Wind

Top - H&M
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Hello! Another one of my funky wee reflected pictures, I actually really like them! Probably need a background that's little bit more exciting though. I threw this together last minute for an impromptu date night with my lovely boyfriend, we'd been planning on seeing the new Taken film but it was all sold out so instead we had a nice wee wander round the shops and a cheeky McDonalds. Shame the film was sold out, but we're going to go see it on Saturday as well as Perks of Being a Wallflower, the joys of an unlimited card! It's been a while since we've had the chance to spend most of the weekend together so I'm making us dinner tomorrow night which hopefully won't result in food poisoning. I am a good cook - promise!
Anyway, this outfit has become a quick favourite after finding one of my beloved Michael Jackson t-shirts that was hidden away in my very messy drawers. Definitely need a sort out sometime soon. Got a few posts planned for the upcoming week, luckily it's only a two day school week then one day of uni and after that over a week off! So plenty of time for posting. Need to sort out a couple of guest bloggers for November so please e-mail me if you're interested.
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Lots of love,


3 Oct 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #4

Dress - Shoes - Book - Camera
Okay, so, I am in love with this dress. Hence the heart. It is beautiful! I'm definitely after it to wear to my boyfriend's 18th and my school's Christmas after party, I actually just bought this dress for the dance and Christmas itself, another pretty dress to add to my collection. It'll look great with my JC Foxys, much like how the dress in my wishlist will look perfect with the faux leather Lita dupes that I've been after for a while!
I've wanted to read this book for an awful long time, I've had the film recorded on the Tivo for ages but like I've mentioned before I'm fussy about reading the book before I see the film. Can't quite decide if I should get it on my Kindle or not, I'm trying to build up my collection of print books after I had a bit of a clear out of all my old books, but I do love reading on the Kindle!
In photography last week we were messing about with some old film cameras and I am in love, they produce such beautiful pictures that digital just can't quite reach sometimes. I think I'll definitely be asking for this Pentax K1000 for Christmas, I have a thing for having a physical copy of a photograph to put on my wall or in an album but my photo printer broke a couple of years ago and I just haven't got round to replacing it.
What's on your wishlist this week?


1 Oct 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!

So last weekend I finally hit over 100 total followers on this little blog of mine! It's a massive milestone to hit, and one I never thought would happen. I posted for almost two years with only a few followers so it's strange thinking that there are over 100 of you lovely folk. In celebration I put together a little giveaway that you can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Hope you like it & good luck to everyone who enters - remember to tweet every day!
Lots of love, Charlotte xoxo

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