30 Sep 2012

The future is ours, so let's plan it

Hello! Been stuck in a bit of a rut when it came to blogging this week, but I've been so desperate to get back  I thought I'd just write a little catch up post. I've been a very busy bee since last Sunday, school work is piling up and I've been putting the finishing touches to my university applications (eee!) and booking my first ever holiday with my friends! Super excited. We're off to Kavos - hence the picture from Corfu I took this summer - the first week of July for a lovely well behaved (aye, right), relaxing week in the sun and I can't wait to start my holiday shopping. Have to pay for the holiday first though! Especially with the weather being as terrible as it is at the moment, I'm so desperate for sunshine.
Apart from holiday booking I've been very busy with my jewellery as we've have lots of craft fairs coming up and just had one this weekend which didn't go very well. It really annoys me when people at craft fairs sell things that they've bought, it just makes it harder for people who spend hours upon ends to make things that we already sell at stupidly low prices that barely cover costs! Hopefully things will pick up when it gets closer to Christmas, it's been hard since last Christmas... Oh well!
On Friday I had a lovely wee night in with the girls which was when we intended to watch Singing In The Rain in preparation for school show, but instead we ended up watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I think it's safe to say that is one weird film. But I have had Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me and Sweet Transvestite in my head for the past couple of days, the Rocky fans amongst you may have noticed the reference in the title to Damnit, Janet.
Otherwise I've just been picking my Christmas dress which I'll hopefully show you on Wednesday, and catching up with lots of television! I'm off back to the Great British Bake Off now, then it's Revenge, 90210 and possibly Breakfast at Tiffany's! Hope you're all good, I'll try get over my blogging block this week, promise. xoxo



  1. makes me so sad that summer is over! what photo editing app do u use? I have been trying to make circle photos for ages but just can't work it out!

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