7 Sep 2012

Primark Nail Wraps

Nail Foils - Primark £1
 I picked this up on a whim during one of my many Primark visits. They were right by the queue and for a pound I thought I'd give them a go! Now I wasn't expecting much for a pound, and I was right.
The pattern is lovely, and they had others but this was my favourite. You get 20 wraps in various sizes for fingernails and toenails. The trouble all started after opening the packet, now I've never tried nail wraps before but I'm pretty sure they should be a lot easier to peel off and not rip constantly, but obviously I could be wrong. They were horribly sticky and the colours started to rub off as soon as I touched them. After struggling to get them on smooth and straight I wanted to add a topcoat to help protect them, but the top coat just shrank the wraps and faded the colour - hence the wrinkles. Basically, these are just bits of sticky paper with a pretty pattern on.
Maybe you'll have better luck with them, and for £1 you can't really ask for much, but I definitely won't be buying these ones again!


  1. they're a lovely pattern, shame they didn't work out perfect for you!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. I have never tried nail wraps before either. What a shame! The pattern and colours are cute.

  3. Great, honest review! You've no doubt saved people some money there, including me! Welldone!x


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