10 Sep 2012

Heart skipped a beat, and when I caught it it was out of reach

Dress & cardigan - H&M
Flatforms - Next
Sorry the photos are a bit dreary! The weather is decidedly grey here and Photoshop is in a bit of a mood with me. Well, my whole computer is. This is what I wore yesterday to wander aimlessly around Ikea, I love that place so much. I'm finally starting to feel a lot better after my little bout of sickness last week so it was nice to get out of the house! My mum and dad (mostly Mum) are after some new fitted wardrobes so that called for a trip to the wonderful world of Ikea. It was absolutely jam-packed with students stocking up on essentials for uni which just made me even more excited to move! If all goes well only one year to go.
I realised yesterday that you can get 30 days of Spotify Premium for free so I've been reminiscing the songs of my youth, and a rather large amount from before my youth too! Currently loving Walk Like An Egyptian, such a happy song. If you want to listen to my somewhat awesome playlist, you can find it here.
I have only have 3 classes today and finish at lunch so planning on popping down to the charity shops for a rummage before my job interview tonight! I'm really nervous but I know I'll do my best and if they don't like me then sod it. Would reaaaaally love the job though, not only is it in one of my favourite shops but money = more clothes and even more magazines.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and isn't finding the start of the week too tiring!



  1. I really like your outfit! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  2. Love the cardigan, it's been too long since I last went to IKEA! x

  3. Aw you look lovely! :) (And Spotify is amazing!)

    LelaLondon.com - WIN three dresses!

  4. So cute outfit, you look very beautiful!

    - Alice


  5. Lovely dress....perfect for you, since you have such a lovely smile.
    And you always look lovely in tights.


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