15 Sep 2012

Cutey Pie

Top bracelet: 'Typhon' c/o Cutey
Bottom bracelet: 'Oizys' c/o Cutey
I'm a bit miserable today - long story short I didn't get the job I really wanted and then didn't have enough to spend to cheer me up - but coming home to this package from Cutey has definitely cheered me up! Cutey are an online jewellery retailer who sell gorgeous charm bracelets & shamballa bracelets and when they tweeted about reviewing their pieces I jumped at the chance. The lovely Ashley sent me these two gorgeous bracelets in super quick time and I love them. They're such great quality and the colours are lovely, plus I adore the little turtle charm on the Oizys bracelet! I didn't previously have any bracelets like these, but now I'm eyeing up some of the others on the website too. Personally I think these bracelets are bargains and would be perfect for a little treat or presents for others - who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?!
P.s watch out for my giveaway which I'll be launching soon!



  1. Those bracelets are absolutely gorgeous! I picked a similar one up a couple of years ago in Portugal! It had blue/pink beads and little charms as well, I love it! :) xx

  2. These are really cute!
    I like the turtle charm!
    Georgia :) x

    ( ps. sorry your comment never showed on my blog, it appeared in spam and when I marked it otherwise, it disappeared! strange eh? )

  3. I love these types of bracelets! The turtle and starfish charms are so cute :D

    Just Smile.


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