29 Aug 2012

Wishlist Wednesday #2

iPad - blazer - green nail polish - blue nail polish
boots - shorts - ring
A slightly pricier total for my wishlist this week, pretty much all down to the iPad. I've loved the iPad from afar for a while now and I've finally decided to take the plunge and start saving. My little netbook is on it's last legs and it'd be handy to have something portable to ease the load slightly. I'm slightly tempted by other tablets on offer right now, such as the new Nexus tablet by Google, and I would be seriously grateful if you have any recommendations on the subject!
Anyway, on to the slightly less expensive objects. I'm starting to move in to autumn/winter mode now that the weather has taken a pretty much definite turn for the worse (I'm barely out of my onesie) and boots are an essential part of my late year wardrobe. My flatform obsession is continuing, and I've had my eye on these ASOS boots for a while. I can't quite decide between black and burgundy, but I think black would get a bit more wear and be more suitable for school. Can someone just bring out flatform wellies please? The Scottish public would thank you greatly. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm loving purple right now. These shorts are a gorgeous colour and I love the cute scallop detailing around the waist! I didn't intend to match them with the blazer, however they do go quite well and the gorgeous colours would inject a little bit of sunshine in to my dreary days. As per usual what wishlist is complete without something cat related and some nail polish... I spotted this ring in Topshop the other day and begrudgingly put it back however I'm pretty sure it will make it's way in to my jewellery box at some point soon. I'm not majorly keen on Louise Gray's clothing collection for Topshop however the make up is to die for! On Saturday Amy and I spent a good while gazing at the lovely collection of super glittery polishes which will DEFINITELY be joining my collection asap!



  1. Hey, great post! I have been keeping my eye on an ipad for a while now and I do agree they are easy to carry around. Need to fill up my piggy bank :) Also the boots are lovely. I like your blog very much and so tagged you for a Liebster Award.



  2. great post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  3. The Louise Gray nail polishes look great.. I shall have to check the collection out.
    Your blog is so cute, when i first looked at this post i instantly thought 'xmas wishlist'.. i cant stop thinking about Christmas goodies? The perfect excuse to shop for an ipad ha ha.
    Love, VLL xx

  4. What a great list :) I love the cat ring! It's adorable! And who doesn't want a iPad!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. The shorts and boots are both gorgeous, I'm in love!

  6. I love the flatform boots and the floral blazer! Great wishlist, following xx


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