22 Aug 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #1

Bit of a mixed wishlist this week, but some very girly stuff in there as usual! Minus the flatforms, they hardly qualify as girly... I ordered these from Next which I can't wait to get, but these studded ones are a total bargain and would be perfect for a night out or even day to day wear. I actually just ordered the clutch because I've been lusting after it for months and it's finally in the sale (reduced from £30 to £18!) so hopefully it'll be here to show off soon. I'm also loving this raspberry satchel from Mozzypop, which will be perfect for university (eee!) and school which is pretty much all I look for in a bag, plus the colour is gorgeous. Right now I'm slightly obsessed with shirts (and collars) so the shirt and the collar tips from Topshop are definitely on my to-buy list, who can resist ice cream print?! And what would one of my wishlists be without a Models Own nail polish in a beautiful shade...
Today I'm going to my first ever university induction for my day release course - Fashion Brand Retailing - which I'm ridiculously excited to start! I'm hoping that it will just confirm what I want to do at university, or maybe the total opposite...



  1. I love the flat forms
    & raspberry satchel!!
    I wonder if I could get away
    with these for 6 form?

    Georgia :) x

  2. I love the flatforms, cat clutch (every spinsters dream) and rasberry satchel! From far away it actually does look like a Mulberry one. Oh I wish. And I hope your uni induction goes well, sounds like a real interesting course! Lovely blog too btw!

    Gemma x


  3. This is all so gorgeous, it's basically MY wishlist too! The satchel, flatforms and nail polish are my favourites, but the clutch has been on my lust-after list for months! xxx

  4. love the satchel, such a nice colour :)
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