31 Aug 2012

The Mirrorball Collection

So by now I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures of Models Own's newest collection, but I just couldn't resist blogging about these sparkly beauties. The Mirrorball collection is made up of five glitter polishes, those five being:
Disco Inferno (gold) - I think this looks quite like the Disco Heaven polish that feautured in the Hedkandi collection, but I think the glitter is a bit chunkier than Disco Heaven. Personally, I don't think I'll buy this one because I already own the Hedkandi equivalent but I do love a gold glitter.
Hot Stuff (pink) - This is one of the polishes that I think I might buy, I only have pale pink glitter (also Models Own - bit of a trend here...) but I do love this hot pink! The description claims that there is gold in there too, but I don't think that's very clear from the picture.
Freak Out (blue) - I do like this polish, but I think it's very similar to Disco Mix, again like Disco Inferno vs Disco Heaven but with chunkier glitter. Disco Mix is probably one of my all time favourite nail polishes, so I might actually buy this to see how it shapes up!
Dancing Queen (green) - Now this is the only one in the collection that I know I will definitely buy. I love green and have been on the look out for a lovely green glitter polish so I think this will be perfect! I love the combination of the green, blue and flecks of gold.
Boogie Nights (purple) - Like Freak Out, I think that Boogie Nights is a dead ringer for Disco Mix. The colour combination is pretty much identical! Again, I might buy this to see how it compares.

The Mirrorball Collection launches at the Bottleshop in Westfield Shopping Centre on the 6th of September, online on the Models Own website on the 10th and in Boots stores across the UK on the 3rd of October. They will be £5 each, or a bargain of £20 for the set!


  1. Beyond excited for this collection!

  2. i love these to much


  3. wow.nice)
    Love your blog!Hope you'll love mine and follow me back)


  4. I love anything sparkly!


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