15 Aug 2012

My first Mac purchases

Mac eyeshadow in Bronze - £12
Matte finish lipstick in Viva Glam III - £14
So, I was lucky enough to receive a Mac gift voucher for my birthday and after lusting over their range for months I decided it was probably about time I invested! I chose the lipstick after testing pretty much every one they had trying to find a slightly darker shade than my favourite lipstick that I actually got free in a magazine years ago, it's a kind of mix between red and purple, lingering slightly towards brown. It's perfect for day wear but works well at night too. The eyeshadow is a gorgeous golden brown and perfectly pigmented. Like the lipstick it works well either during the day or at night, but I prefer to wear it if I'm dressing up as I like a reasonably plain face during the day. However the girl who served me in Mac wasn't the nicest of sales assistants and was seriously rushing me! So far I'm pretty impressed with both of these products and probably will buy more, I had been intending to buy at least the lipstick anyway so it was just pure luck that I happened to get the voucher literally the night before I was going to go buy it!

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  1. I love Mac, I recently bought their eye colour pigment.


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