2 Aug 2012

Drinking cherry schnapps in the velvet night

dress - H&M
shoes/tights - Primark
bracelet - Links of London
So, my birthday celebrations are over for another year! :( This is what I wore on my actual birthday when going to the cinema to see Magic Mike with friends - weird film, not what I expected at all. As usual I had a great day and a lovely dinner in the evening.
Last night I got home from a lovely few days shopping in Manchester with my boyfriend. Manchester is my favourite place to shop, mostly due to Affleck's Palace and the massive Primark... Typically I spent lots of money on lots of clothes and managed to pick up a few things from the wishlist in my last post!
This is just a quick little outfit post, today I'm planning on unpacking, photographing for a couple of posts and then going out on my bike - the diet starts now! Well, as soon as I finish this cupcake sitting in front of me..


  1. I have this dress in plain black, it looks lovely on you! I'm off to see Magic Mike tomorrow :) Happy birthday for the other day!

  2. your photos are absolutely fantastic

  3. Jayme, an american guy31 August 2012 at 17:00

    So lovely..... you and the dress,

    Your pic here has made me look back at many of your blog pages.

    I see that you love tights as much as I do...... Im an american student currently in the UK to study, and have been in ballet all my life.......

    I absolutely fell in love with the European look of shorts with tights..... and being a guy who's not afraid to embrace his feminine side, and having worn tights my whole life for dance, I'm now wearing shorts with tights, even sheer tights around campus......... my new friends have been encouraging.

    By the way, your hair is so very gorgeous..........


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