24 Jul 2012

Party Like It's My Birthday

Dress - TFNC London via Topshop
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell via Office
Hellooooooo! It's been almost a month since I posted last so now I have a bit of time I decided to get back in to the swing of things. This coming Sunday (29th) I celebrate my 17th birthday, however last Sunday I celebrated it early with my friends. I wore this gorgeous dress that I fell in love with in Topshop, it's a kind of velvet snakeskin material and I love it. Everything about my birthday this year has been early, I've already had the majority of my presents which I'll do a post about after my actual birthday!

So, my holiday in Corfu was amazing. We went during a Greek heatwave and the temperature was hitting upwards of 38c! I've come back slightly browner and constantly craving Greek food, luckily it's mostly Greek salad so nothing too unhealthy. At the moment my eating habits are ridiculous so I'm gearing myself up for a health kick - that will probably last about two or three days.

Since coming home I've spent a fair majority of my time in the cinema, one of my favourite places to be. My cinema-going habits are luckily funded by my fantastic Cineworld Unlimited card which is one of the best things I own, considering the current price of cinema tickets. So far this month I've seen The Five Year Engagement, The Amazing Spiderman, Katy Perry - Part Of Me (which I'm going to see again tomorrow) and The Dark Knight Rises. TDKR was an absolutely amazing film, it definitely lived up to all the hype! I'm planning on going to see Magic Mike with my friends on my actual birthday, nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy to celebrate my 17th!

I'm having a bit of a lazy day today, so I'm going to go photograph some posts and try get them written up! Hopefully this will finally get me back in to the swing of blogging.


  1. What a super cute dress, love it!

  2. super gorgeous. love your shoes x

    1. Thanks, me too - they're my babies!x

  3. great dress it really suits your figure! and i know what you mean about ridic prices for cinema tickets! I might have to get one of those cards too! :))

    great blog, followed!
    rebecca x

    1. Thanks! I love it, it's tight but the peplum covers my tummy which is exactly what I look for in a dress :) I would seriously recommend the card, it's one of the best things I own!

  4. You looks gorgeous, the dress is such a pretty colour!
    I'm a bit early but HAPPY BIRTHDAY



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