1 Jul 2012

Instagram Insanity (A Month via Instagram)

Outfit for an 18th, dress is New Look shoes are Jeffrey Campbell(!) - two of my boys watching football - TGI Friday's - my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell's! - Rimmel London 825 Sky High - snoozing cat - anniversary roses - my new toy - birthday dress (TFNC via Topshop)

All my schoolbag contains - old pictures I found - new earrings - Johnny Depp fix - smiling creepily with a super cute guinea pig - the bouncy castle at a craft fair - my favourite flowers for teaching my first jewellery class - the jewellery class itself! - frizzy hair

My favourite fudge - boyfriend and I - my chubby cheeks at a party - what I wore to said party - Olympic Torch Relay - yummy Kinder - home from Berlin :(

Checkpoint Charlie - what I wore Berlin day 2 - fancy dress party - my friend's birthday card - cute flamingo print dress - another outfit - my cat being a pain, but cute - summer songs - happy times

Graze box - pillow hogging cat - barefaced and chubby cheeks again - yummy milkshakes - sunny view - the best ice lollies - another new dress - lots and lots of bluebells - my gorgeous new bag

So that was a loooooong post! But I realised my scheduled posts had mysteriously deleted themselves and I don't have time to get any other posts written up before I jet off to Corfu, so sadly this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. I'm finished school for summer now and it's been super busy already, but over the next few weeks it gets even busier! On Friday I'm off to Corfu with the family, then I have my birthday, Manchester, exam results, friend's birthdays, photography project to finish and 90210 to watch - I've just started watching it for the very first time and I'm hooked!
Hope everyone is having a good summer and I PROMISE I will finally get something worth reading up when I'm home. I have a few planned in my head already...
See you soon!


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