14 Jun 2012

Berlin - Part 2

In the morning on my second day in Berlin my dad and I visited the town of Potsdam. Potsdam is located just outside of Berlin and is easily accessed via S-Bahn. This little town is home to some fantastic pieces of history: the church where Hitler was sworn in to power is located here, as well as the Agent's Bridge which is where captured spies were exchanged and it was also home to the Russian spies during the Cold War. Above all, Potsdam is famous for it's beautiful palaces. The picture above was taken at the breathtaking Sansoucci Palace. Sansoucci is located in a massive park and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palaces and outbuildings at Sansoucci are absolutely mind blowing due to their sheer extravagance, even the greenhouse (Die Orangerie) is bigger than our Buckingham Palace. In Sansoucci park you will find a treasure trove of beautiful buildings, gardens and water features. Even the station at Potsdam is great compared to train stations here, however that is mostly due to the fact that I had an absolutely delicious pizza for only 4 euros...

After returning to our hotel for a quick rest we decided to head towards Checkpoint Charlie which was just a short stroll from our hotel. As expected it was absolutely swamped with tourists! It's a fantastic place to visit as you can see sections of the wall displayed around the street, however it was slightly ruined by how commercialised it now is. Behind the Checkpoint Haus itself there just happens to be a massive McDonald's surrounded by very tourist-y shops. Still, there is a lot of history to that area and it's definitely a place to see.
When we left Checkpoint Charlie we headed towards Unter Den Linden, one of the main streets in Berlin. This street was full of incredibly impressive buildings - mostly embassies - and leads up to die Berliner Dom (a magnificent church), TV Tower and Alexanderplatz which is one of the main shopping areas where my dad and I did a tiny bit of shopping. This day involved a lot of walking so after getting a crepe from the station my dad and I returned to the hotel for an early night.

Denim jacket - Tommy Hilfiger via charity shop
Top & skirt - Primark
This top is another version of the top I wore here that I picked up for only a pound! I also got this maxi skirt in burgundy and navy, however it is polyester and I had some serious static issues; especially when I put some tights on as it got cooler.

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