12 Jun 2012

17 Blemish Balm

17 BB Blemish Balm - Boots £6.99 
I bought this as my first move in to the world of blemish balm's. I'd been reading lots about these products for a long time and was always looking out for one that could be right for me! After reading on LLYMLRS that the 17 version of this now cult product was decent for a drug-store brand I decided I'd give it a go. I got the lightest shade which I feel can be a tiny bit dark for me but I think that might just be because my foundations a tad too light for my slight tan, however I'm pretty impressed with this product. It gives a light - medium coverage and blends well to give a lovely even base. It's perfect for the days when I want to wear lighter makeup as on a good day I feel it can be a substitute for my foundation as well as just a base.
This is the only BB cream I've actually tried as I read numerous reviews before buying, but from my researching I've learnt that the MUA cream isn't great, neither is Garnier, but the Maybelline equivalent seems to be decent. Obviously other people may think differently and I'm not in the best position to compare brands, but I would seriously recommend this product if you're looking for a cheaper high street cream instead of more expensive high end product.

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