28 May 2012

Turn the lights off, carry me home


Playsuit - Primark £10
Sunglasses - Primark £2
Shoes - Primark £4
(I like Primark)

Please ignore my veiny, midgie bitten feet. Thanks to the lovely weather we're getting I appear to be a tad brown! Although it is set to leave tomorrow. I'm not too fussed because I'm going on holiday in a week then again just over a month later, so I'll get plenty of vitamin D! 
Yesterday I spent the day at the beach with my friends and despite smothering my face in factor 50 throughout the day I still managed to burn my poor nose. Luckily it's not too bad, but a bit painful. Today was a 'study day' and I did get a little bit done, but in between a bad headache and a quick trip to Matalan not as much as I would have liked! Only one more day of studying though, as my last two exams are on Wednesday.
I'll hopefully manage to get a few posts written up over the week or even while I'm in Berlin so that it's not too empty here, but I know I'll probably end up with a lack of time to do so! So far I've already got a busy week planned - shopping on Thursday, craft fair on Friday morning, dinner with the girls on Friday night, an engagement party on Saturday and leaving for Berlin late Sunday night/early Monday morning. I can't wait to go to Berlin, especially the travelling part. I know some people don't like travelling, but I love the whole experience of going to the airport, being on the plane, etc etc. I'm really looking forward to being a total tourist and putting my camera to good use! 


  1. Cute playsuit, the lil gold buttons are sweet!

  2. Perfect summer outfit! I didn't spot any of these things when I was last in Primark, I think I need another visit!! :-D ...any excuse!



  3. I have the same playsuit from primark, looks really cute one you.come check out my blog and follow if you like and I will follow back off course :) x


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