6 May 2012

Primark Spring/Summer 2012

As usual Primark are definitely keeping up with the high-street trends at purse-friendly prices. This collection was released mid-April and they have something to suit everyone's tastes, from neons to aztec, body-con to flowing and mini to maxi. These are my personal favourites from the Look website and I've already picked up a couple of things from the new drop including a lovely paisley maxi skirt and some bits and pieces of jewellery. I did intend to pick up a couple of the printed bralets but I couldn't find them in the Glasgow Argyle Street store. Primark is one of my go-to shops for my tiny teenage budget so I love finding pieces I adore and can style in my own way hanging on the rails!

P.S. I know I said I was taking some time off for my exams this month, but I'm going to try get a couple of posts written in between studying and getting back to the gym :)


  1. Very intersting! follow each other darling?:X


  2. Primark has defiantly improved the last few years, these pieces are gorgeous!

    Really like your blog, just followed :)

    Ruth xxxx


  3. love all of these! especially the first floral print dress. it's so pretty :) x


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