28 May 2012

Turn the lights off, carry me home


Playsuit - Primark £10
Sunglasses - Primark £2
Shoes - Primark £4
(I like Primark)

Please ignore my veiny, midgie bitten feet. Thanks to the lovely weather we're getting I appear to be a tad brown! Although it is set to leave tomorrow. I'm not too fussed because I'm going on holiday in a week then again just over a month later, so I'll get plenty of vitamin D! 
Yesterday I spent the day at the beach with my friends and despite smothering my face in factor 50 throughout the day I still managed to burn my poor nose. Luckily it's not too bad, but a bit painful. Today was a 'study day' and I did get a little bit done, but in between a bad headache and a quick trip to Matalan not as much as I would have liked! Only one more day of studying though, as my last two exams are on Wednesday.
I'll hopefully manage to get a few posts written up over the week or even while I'm in Berlin so that it's not too empty here, but I know I'll probably end up with a lack of time to do so! So far I've already got a busy week planned - shopping on Thursday, craft fair on Friday morning, dinner with the girls on Friday night, an engagement party on Saturday and leaving for Berlin late Sunday night/early Monday morning. I can't wait to go to Berlin, especially the travelling part. I know some people don't like travelling, but I love the whole experience of going to the airport, being on the plane, etc etc. I'm really looking forward to being a total tourist and putting my camera to good use! 

25 May 2012


tunic - South
shorts (not seen) - H&M

Well, I've shifted my room about a bit and now I have the perfect spot for outfit photos so expect to see a lot more on here! It seriously makes it so much easier and now I feel like I can keep updating this properly and hopefully with less little filler posts.
Anyway, another roasting day here in Scotland and I decided I needed to do a bit of holiday shopping. I thought this dress/tunic would be perfect seeing as it's loose and light so wouldn't be too bad when braving a sweltering Primark however it's a tad short so definitely needed shorts underneath! It wasn't too busy in Glasgow luckily and managed to get all of my holiday clothes bought (spent faaaar too much money) and lusted over soon-to-be-mine Jeffrey Campbell Foxys. Now I just need my holiday toiletries etc. I'm looking to buy a BB cream for the warmer climates so if anyone has any recommendations that would be great :)
Tonight I'm hopefully going to a BBQ to enjoy the sunshine then tomorrow will be a bit of studying and probably get started on my packing. My dad and I are only taking one case to Berlin so I'm trying to put together a slightly compact wardrobe - mostly consisting of maxi skirts/dresses at the moment!


24 May 2012

What I Wore: Hummingbird Heartbeat

dress - New Look
sunglasses - Primark (mens)

Not a very relevant title, but one of my favourite songs at the moment. Well, I love Katy Perry's discography in it's entirety... So being British it is customary that I begin my post with a comment about the weather: it's bloody gorgeous! I'm on study leave at the moment so I've just been sitting out in the garden - doing a tiny bit of studying - but mostly reading my book (11.22.63 by Stephen King) and getting a bit of a tan. I always love a bit of sun, especially when it's as warm as this, but it really wasn't expected and I definitely find my self struggling to cope at times! I need to make a conscious effort to keep drinking lots of water to keep my migraines at bay, but as long as I remember I'm fine. Need to get used to it for my holidays this year!
Anyway, I wore this pretty summer dress for a day in the sun with my friends (including Amy who's blog you should follow) which was lovely. I bought this dress (along with about 5 others) in the New Look sale this time last year and it's one of my summer staples, it's so easy to throw on and go. I love New Look for summer, they have some really nice dresses at affordable prices - always a plus. I was browsing the sale in New Look on Tuesday but was a bit disappointed, I did see a few skirts I liked that weren't in the sale but they didn't really suit me! However as I was leaving I spotted my dream bag that I just had to have. It's lovely and roomy and a gorgeous colour, perfect for summer. Can't quite bring myself to use it yet as it's been officially dubbed my 'holiday bag' so I'll save it for Berlin!
Anyway, I hope everyone's enjoy the lovely weather, I'm off to watch One Tree Hill series one with my glorious ceiling fan!


22 May 2012

My Week in Photos

Walks along the canal; sitting at the jetty; snoozing cat no.1; postal goodies;
exam cards; my two boys; some of my ticket collection; a pretty bracelet I made;
necklace/bracelet set I made; my 'stalker wall'; Hamish making funny faces;
hide and seek; french toast; fairy lights; favourite magazine; present from my gran;
just chillin'; english notes; horrible maths; pretty shoes; hot choc & marshmallows;
lovely sun; the cutest advert ever; my favourite shoes; new Michael Jackson top; DVDs & sunshine.
So I finally got myself a new phone and Instagram along with it! I was fed up with my Blackberry and Vodafone ever-so-kindly allowed me to trade it in for a Samsung Galaxy Ace which I now love. It's so nice to have a phone that can actually do things, for example tell me how nice the weather's going to be this week - love it!
I'm currently in the midst of my Highers (A levels) as you well know but I have a little over a week off now so decided to take a little break from studying to update here a bit. Last Thursday I sat my English exam which I was incredibly stressed about but luckily was nowhere near as bad as expected, what a relief. Yesterday was Maths which I think went okay, but the last question was absolutely horrific and I've not found a single person who could do it yet. I'm trying not to be too confident about these exams in case I'm disappointed with my results, but I do need to keep reminding myself that after missing six months of school I should be proud that I didn't give up! On the 30th I have my final two exams - business and tourism - then I'm free for a week before starting my final year of high school, scary stuff.
On the 4th of June I'm flying out to Berlin for a few days with my dad and I'm super excited. I've wanted to go to Berlin for years and it'll be such a good way to relax after these exams are finished! Just before that my mum and I are having a stall at a local craft fair to sell our jewellery which I'm really looking forward to too.
So that's it for now, I'd say that I'll try and post sometime before my next exam but knowing me I won't get round to it! I will try my best however. For now I'm off to catch up with some blogs in the sunshine, need to make the most of this weather while it lasts.

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6 May 2012

Primark Spring/Summer 2012

As usual Primark are definitely keeping up with the high-street trends at purse-friendly prices. This collection was released mid-April and they have something to suit everyone's tastes, from neons to aztec, body-con to flowing and mini to maxi. These are my personal favourites from the Look website and I've already picked up a couple of things from the new drop including a lovely paisley maxi skirt and some bits and pieces of jewellery. I did intend to pick up a couple of the printed bralets but I couldn't find them in the Glasgow Argyle Street store. Primark is one of my go-to shops for my tiny teenage budget so I love finding pieces I adore and can style in my own way hanging on the rails!

P.S. I know I said I was taking some time off for my exams this month, but I'm going to try get a couple of posts written in between studying and getting back to the gym :)
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