27 Apr 2012

Dream Summer Wardrobe/Exam time

all images via Pinterest
Been doing a lot of browsing and not a lot of posting lately! My current haunts seem to be Tumblr and Pinterest which isn't really a good thing considering my exams start in about 20 days - ahhhh. This will probably be one of my last posts for about a month or so because of said exams, then my dad's taking me to Berlin for a week! So excited, I've always wanted to go to Berlin. Anyway, seeing as we're getting ever closer to summer I'm definitely drawn to very summery clothes and have done a spot of shopping. I'm considering investing in a crop top, but I think that requires a lot of diet and exercise first! This year I really want to be very girly and floaty, right now I'm loving maxi skirts which aren't usually something I'd consider. Waiting to sell my camera before I do any serious shopping, but I'm saving for a new phone first too.
Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my friday night with The Tourist on DVD and cuddles with the cats in bed! Be back in June :)

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