4 Mar 2012

Outfit photos - Who takes yours?

I dedicated yesterday morning to getting to grips with my camera + tripod. I'm no photography expert but I know my basic way around my camera, which I hope to improve on with this beauty! Anyway, I was trying to take a few outfit shots using the tripod for the first time and it got me wondering - is it better to take them yourself or have someone else do it for you?
Now I struggle getting outfit shots sometimes, especially full length ones, there just isn't the space for it in my house at the moment! I haven't even dared to take my own out in the garden in case one of the neighbours starts to doubt my sanity... I have no problem with other people taking my outfit photos for me but I don't really like telling them what it's for. Only one of my friends - HI AMY! - really knows about this blog, I think, so I've told her that she is now my official outfit photographer when we are together, but I'm not sure if she realises how serious I am about that...
I like setting up my own shots, I like to get the perfect angle and spot, but it takes so much more time to take my own photos compared to getting someone else to take them.

My self photography is improving slowly, but sometimes I just feel it can't live up to other people taking them! The photo on the right was taken in summer 2010 by one of my friends for Lookbook and it's one of my favourites. I think I'm going to try get people to take my photos as much as possible, but I'll choose the location etc, and if I absolutely need to I'll get some self shots.
What's your preference?


  1. HI CHARLOTTE! yay, i'll take your photos! i need the practise for when i finally save up enough money to buy mine aha :)

  2. Cute skirts :) I usually get my b/f to take my photos xx

  3. I used to take my own but now i get my boyf to do that for me as he's a better photographer i am! Plus, I get a little photography lesson every time. I take all the other photos, though, such as products and scenic ones. xxx

  4. both your outfits look great! I think it`s definitely easier to have someone take your photo but many bloggers do a great job with self photography as well. xx



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