3 Mar 2012

The 2012 Project: Street Style

Each year I like to set myself a little 'project', in 2010 it was setting up this blog, which I did but didn't put a whole lot of effort in to it until 2011. My 2011 project was setting up my jewellery business with my mum which - so far - has been a success! I've had a few ideas for my 2012 project, but I've had to consider how much I have to do this year. After August I will start to apply for uni courses and a couple of the courses I'm looking to apply to require portfolios which will be a LOT of work! One of the courses is Fashion Communication which needs a portfolio of mostly photography, so it seemed sensible for this years project to involve that. So, my 2012 project is to improve my fashion photography (including my personal style shots) and possibly do a bit of street style. Street style photography is a bit of a daunting prospect, I'm not shy but I'm also not the most confident so it will be a bit of a challenge for me. Well, hopefully this will be achievable this year!

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