18 Mar 2012

A Week (x2) In Photos

Company High Street Edit; favourite slippers; working on jewellery;
Hamish being a cheeky monkey; best dessert ever at Pizza Hut; Hamish chasing
the cursor; a fraction of my now recycled magazine collection; essays - yawn!;
messy jewellery space; yummy milkshakes; The Hunger Games; Hamish & his first mouse


8 Mar 2012

What I Wore: Show Me Your Peacock

Blouse - Topshop via charity shop
Shorts - DIY
Boots - New Look
Such poser-y pictures, I know. I wore this top out for dinner with the family, just kind of threw it on, but I love the pattern. Went back to the gym for the first time since I got ill last July today and decided to start out with the "easy exercise class" only to find it full of lovely pensioners who just stood about chatting and doing the occasional stretch! It's a start I suppose. Just need to work my way up to some harder classes, but it will take a while. Finding school a bit easier these days, especially now I've dropped a subject and have a bit more time. Finally picked my subjects for my last year: fashion & textiles, art & design, photography and ASDAN which is kind of events management within the school. Starting to consider applying for some jewellery design courses at college if I don't manage to get in to uni but not quite sure yet. It's so strange to think that by the end of next year - if all goes well - I'll be at university all the way up in Aberdeen. Scary stuff! Bought a couple of nice things this week which I'll post when I get the chance. Going out tomorrow night with Amy which I'm really looking forward to because it's my first proper outing in ages and Amy and I need a proper catch up!


6 Mar 2012

What I Wore: Calico Stripes

T-shirt - Primark
Shorts - DIY
Boots - New Look
A prime example of my not-so-great photography! One of the first times - apart from school - that I've got out of pjs/joggies and left the house. This was just a simple little outfit for popping down to the shops. I love this top, it was only £6 and the peter pan collar is adorable. The colours remind me of calico cats, they're my favourite type of cat and I've had stuffed calico cats since I was born.


5 Mar 2012

Week in Photos: 27.2.12 - 5.3.12

Practicing for craft fairs; Models Own Bubblegum; Hamish cuddles;
kumihimo bracelets; cute collar; the result of my online shopping!


4 Mar 2012

Outfit photos - Who takes yours?

I dedicated yesterday morning to getting to grips with my camera + tripod. I'm no photography expert but I know my basic way around my camera, which I hope to improve on with this beauty! Anyway, I was trying to take a few outfit shots using the tripod for the first time and it got me wondering - is it better to take them yourself or have someone else do it for you?
Now I struggle getting outfit shots sometimes, especially full length ones, there just isn't the space for it in my house at the moment! I haven't even dared to take my own out in the garden in case one of the neighbours starts to doubt my sanity... I have no problem with other people taking my outfit photos for me but I don't really like telling them what it's for. Only one of my friends - HI AMY! - really knows about this blog, I think, so I've told her that she is now my official outfit photographer when we are together, but I'm not sure if she realises how serious I am about that...
I like setting up my own shots, I like to get the perfect angle and spot, but it takes so much more time to take my own photos compared to getting someone else to take them.

My self photography is improving slowly, but sometimes I just feel it can't live up to other people taking them! The photo on the right was taken in summer 2010 by one of my friends for Lookbook and it's one of my favourites. I think I'm going to try get people to take my photos as much as possible, but I'll choose the location etc, and if I absolutely need to I'll get some self shots.
What's your preference?

3 Mar 2012

The 2012 Project: Street Style

Each year I like to set myself a little 'project', in 2010 it was setting up this blog, which I did but didn't put a whole lot of effort in to it until 2011. My 2011 project was setting up my jewellery business with my mum which - so far - has been a success! I've had a few ideas for my 2012 project, but I've had to consider how much I have to do this year. After August I will start to apply for uni courses and a couple of the courses I'm looking to apply to require portfolios which will be a LOT of work! One of the courses is Fashion Communication which needs a portfolio of mostly photography, so it seemed sensible for this years project to involve that. So, my 2012 project is to improve my fashion photography (including my personal style shots) and possibly do a bit of street style. Street style photography is a bit of a daunting prospect, I'm not shy but I'm also not the most confident so it will be a bit of a challenge for me. Well, hopefully this will be achievable this year!

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1 Mar 2012

What I Wore: Beat It

Michael Jackson tee - H&M
Skirt - highstreetfashionshop.com
Cardigan (actually burgundy?) - Primark

The last outfit shot taken on my wee old camera! I found the perfect location in the house, but at the moment it has been taken over by Hamish the kitten's bed. When Hamish is allowed to roam free my mum and I will be converting it in to our home office for Sue's Little Gems which is desperately needed as our kitchen table can't quite cope! Hopefully after the conversion there will still be a bit of space to get some outfit shots but I'm sure I can find somewhere, my main issue before was not having a tripod, which I will soon have, so hopefully it will be easier!
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