28 Feb 2012

Spending my pennies!

I received a lovely, rather large parcel today! This is my new camera that I've been saving towards for a very long time. I was originally going to go for a Canon 550D but then decided I would be happier using something I was more used to, i.e. a Nikon! So far I've been fiddling about with the settings and taking lots of cat photos as usual. This is probably my biggest purchase yet, but it's definitely an investment piece for the next few years and whatever they hold, university & blog wise.
Been a very stressful week trying to get my exams over and done with while struggling with a horrible migraine attack, worst in a while, euch! I despise getting migraines, especially when people don't understand that it's not just a headache, today is the first time I could bear looking at my laptop screen in 3 days :(
Got a more relaxed weekend coming up so I'll hopefully get some decent posts up. Going to dig out my dad's old tripod for some outfit photos and possibly invest in a remote too!


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