6 Feb 2012

MUA Immaculate Collection

MUA Immaculate Collection, £8.
(sorry the photo isn't great, I was using my dad's camera which I'm not used to)
I've been a fan of MUA products since my local Superdrug started stocking them, it was mostly the price that drew me to them. I'd seen a few reviews of this palette and when it was on special offer I decided to buy it. There's a good selection of shades here, my favourites being 1, 7, 15 & 22. It has the perfect balance of daytime shades and 'going out' colours. As always the shadows are not perfectly pigmented but if you consider the price they are fantastic.



  1. This looks great, mua are such great value!


  2. Love these colours, I hope you will follow my blog,


  3. Gorgeous colours!



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