19 Feb 2012

LFW StreetStyle

images via style.com

I've been a bit preoccupied with my gorgeous new kitten the past few days, who is actually a complete rascal! So I've spent my lazy Sunday morning in bed browsing style.com and catching up with all my blogs, obviously at the moment the main focus is London Fashion Week. I so desperately wish I could be there at the moment, which will hopefully happen at the SS14 shows and onwards when I should get to go through uni - as long as I get in! 
This is just a little collection of the images from the StreetStyle section of style.com from LFW. I'm loving that cat jumper! I think the main things appealing to me in these photos are definitely colour and pattern, I'm not always a big colour person but I am slowly trying to bring it in to my wardrobe! Same goes for pattern, apart from florals and leggings I don't have a lot of patterned things, but hopefully this will change!
What's your favourite street style you've spotted at LFW?




  1. Great photos- these types are sometimes my favourite from LFW.

    You have a kitten? I am soooo jealous.

    I'm now following xx

    1. I love seeing the SS, you find such great inspiration there!
      Yep, I got him on Friday, I love him to pieces, I'll be putting some more photos up of him tomorrow.

  2. Love these photos, and your kitten is so cute!

    Hannah x


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