9 Feb 2012

Graze Box

First things first, sorry for the rubbish pictures, I had more but for some reason my editing software was saving some as the wrong format and it was corrupting the file :(
I'd heard about the Graze Box through a few blogs a while ago but hadn't thought about trying it until I got a voucher for a free box in Grazia. Free things can't hurt, right?! Anyway, I went through the Graze website deciding which foods I'd like to try, soooo many yummy options on there. Right now I've found myself eating a lot because I just don't have much to do, so this is to try help me combat my bad snacking habits.
In my box I got:

Florentine: Belgian dark chocolate buttons, cranberries & pumpkin seeds
Rustic Marble Bread: Tomato, herb and provolone cheese
Natural Vanilla: Vanilla pumpkin and sunflower seeds
Orange & Ginger Flapjack: Rustic rolled oat flapjack with orange and stem ginger

Sounds yummy! I'm trying not to open them all or else I'll just eat them all at once, so today I'm going to start with the bread seeing as it's fresh. If you want to get a free Graze box you can use the code VTXL99ND on the website. If any one has any recommendations about what I should try from the website, please share!


  1. I've had the Florentine mix before and it's absolutely yummy!! I think it's my favourite graze option I've ever received. I blogged about it here: http://rosieblocksidge.blogspot.com/2011/12/graze-ing.html

    Rosie x

  2. mm they definitely look delicious! And I agree that free things definitely don't hurt! :P


  3. Lovely blog dear!!!

  4. we dont get these products in india. looks yummy though.
    I have a "delicious giveaway" - win a abataba jewellery on my blog.

  5. This looks like such a good concept! Definitely wouldn't say no when it's free :) xo

  6. Really want to subscribe to this if it's the last thing I do this year!! Lovely blog! xx


  7. my brother has been getting graze boxes for about a month now and loves them! Ive been meaning to try them for ages now! xx


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