28 Feb 2012

Spending my pennies!

I received a lovely, rather large parcel today! This is my new camera that I've been saving towards for a very long time. I was originally going to go for a Canon 550D but then decided I would be happier using something I was more used to, i.e. a Nikon! So far I've been fiddling about with the settings and taking lots of cat photos as usual. This is probably my biggest purchase yet, but it's definitely an investment piece for the next few years and whatever they hold, university & blog wise.
Been a very stressful week trying to get my exams over and done with while struggling with a horrible migraine attack, worst in a while, euch! I despise getting migraines, especially when people don't understand that it's not just a headache, today is the first time I could bear looking at my laptop screen in 3 days :(
Got a more relaxed weekend coming up so I'll hopefully get some decent posts up. Going to dig out my dad's old tripod for some outfit photos and possibly invest in a remote too!


20 Feb 2012

Week in photos/Hamish the kitten

my new 'ombred' hair; first attempt at making a shamballa bracelet;
my lovely valentine's presents; eating my boyfriend's present;
valentine's outfit; new addiction; new favourite top; best magazine out just now;
Hamish the kitten being gorgeous as ever!

19 Feb 2012

LFW StreetStyle

images via style.com

I've been a bit preoccupied with my gorgeous new kitten the past few days, who is actually a complete rascal! So I've spent my lazy Sunday morning in bed browsing style.com and catching up with all my blogs, obviously at the moment the main focus is London Fashion Week. I so desperately wish I could be there at the moment, which will hopefully happen at the SS14 shows and onwards when I should get to go through uni - as long as I get in! 
This is just a little collection of the images from the StreetStyle section of style.com from LFW. I'm loving that cat jumper! I think the main things appealing to me in these photos are definitely colour and pattern, I'm not always a big colour person but I am slowly trying to bring it in to my wardrobe! Same goes for pattern, apart from florals and leggings I don't have a lot of patterned things, but hopefully this will change!
What's your favourite street style you've spotted at LFW?



18 Feb 2012

The Newest Addition

Meet Hamish, the newest addition to our household! He's only 12 weeks old and is just like a miniature of my other cat, Ginger. Ginger isn't too keen on him at the moment but we're hoping they'll settle in soon! x


14 Feb 2012

Sorry I kind of disappeared for a couple of days, had some bad news. However I've now had some AMAZING news and I will be back this week hopefully with a little surprise and some half-decent posts. Thank you for sticking around after all this chaos x

9 Feb 2012

Graze Box

First things first, sorry for the rubbish pictures, I had more but for some reason my editing software was saving some as the wrong format and it was corrupting the file :(
I'd heard about the Graze Box through a few blogs a while ago but hadn't thought about trying it until I got a voucher for a free box in Grazia. Free things can't hurt, right?! Anyway, I went through the Graze website deciding which foods I'd like to try, soooo many yummy options on there. Right now I've found myself eating a lot because I just don't have much to do, so this is to try help me combat my bad snacking habits.
In my box I got:

Florentine: Belgian dark chocolate buttons, cranberries & pumpkin seeds
Rustic Marble Bread: Tomato, herb and provolone cheese
Natural Vanilla: Vanilla pumpkin and sunflower seeds
Orange & Ginger Flapjack: Rustic rolled oat flapjack with orange and stem ginger

Sounds yummy! I'm trying not to open them all or else I'll just eat them all at once, so today I'm going to start with the bread seeing as it's fresh. If you want to get a free Graze box you can use the code VTXL99ND on the website. If any one has any recommendations about what I should try from the website, please share!

8 Feb 2012

Born To Die

1. Right now I absolutely adore Lana Del Ray. I hadn't actually given her a good listen when there was all the hype about her single Video Games but when I was in hospital I read an interview with her and decided to check her album out. It's official - I'm in love. She's probably not to everyone's tastes but I just love her haunting voice and amazing lyrics. I have her album on repeat where ever I go, it's all so good. Normally there's at least one song on an album that I don't like, but with Lana's Born To Die I love the whole thing. 

2. Not a lot's been going on recently due to this whole bed-rest situation, but I've done a little bit of shopping which I'll post about later this week! I really shouldn't have bought anything because I'm trying to save up for a new camera but I figured I was allowed to treat myself seeing as I'd have a lot of spare time!

3. I've got a bit of an addiction to magazines, I spend faaar too much money on them. On my first trip out of the house after surgery I spotted the new Marie Claire magazine, Runway, and just had to get it. After spending hours drooling over every page I've come to the conclusion that it should be printed more than twice a year, I don't want to wait until August for the next one! If you haven't already picked it up, I'd seriously recommend it, there are some fantastic interviews in there and a great breakdown of the key SS12 collections!

4. All this cold weather and pretty spring clothes are making me desperate for some warmer weather! Surprisingly Glasgow hasn't had any snow for a change, but we've had the temperatures to match, and a fair bit of rain too. We have had some beautiful sunny days though, however they have all been absolutely freezing! We've just booked a holiday to Corfu in July which I've already started my shopping for, so excited! It's been a few years since I had a sunny holiday, and after all the health issues this year I really can't wait to get away.

Think that's all I really have to post about at the moment! I've got lots of ideas written in my 'blog' notebook that I'll try and get written up and posted asap, but I just need to get some stuff out of the way first xoxo

7 Feb 2012

Spring/Summer Wishlist #1

All from Topshop
1. VECTRA3 Studded Slippers - £28.00
I absolutely love the slipper style shoes at the moment, and these nude studded ones are gorgeous. I spotted them in store this week and they're even nicer in person, so soft and comfy.

2. Rose Chiffon Placket Shirt - £34.00
At the moment I can't stop buying shirts, I don't know what it is about them but I love them and feel they can dress up an outfit just a little bit more than a plain t-shirt. Right now I love this colour and think it'd be perfect for spring & summer!

3. Hawaiian Floral Skinny Trousers - £38.00
I love a bit of floral print, no matter what it's on, and these trousers are perfect. I don't have many Hawaiian florals because sometimes they I feel they can be a bit hard to wear, but the print on these trousers is to die for and I just love the colours.

4. Raspberry Bow Skirt - £26.00
I'm quite girly, and right now I'm loving these flippy skirts that are everywhere. I have a blue one and a black one, but I would really love this raspberry coloured one.

5. Daffodil Print Skirt - £28.00
Again, I'm a sucker for a floral print and a sucker for a skirt!

6. Illustrated Cat Tee - £28.00
It's a cat. That is all.

P.S sorry about the rubbish picture, I've not got Photoshop at the moment and I'm trying my best to get to grips with paint.net xoxo

6 Feb 2012

MUA Immaculate Collection

MUA Immaculate Collection, £8.
(sorry the photo isn't great, I was using my dad's camera which I'm not used to)
I've been a fan of MUA products since my local Superdrug started stocking them, it was mostly the price that drew me to them. I'd seen a few reviews of this palette and when it was on special offer I decided to buy it. There's a good selection of shades here, my favourites being 1, 7, 15 & 22. It has the perfect balance of daytime shades and 'going out' colours. As always the shadows are not perfectly pigmented but if you consider the price they are fantastic.


5 Feb 2012

What I Wore: The Lovecats

jumper - H&M
cat print skirt - Affleck's Palace
I wore this outfit the night before I got rushed in to hospital, so never got round to posting it! It's a pretty simple outfit, but so comfy and warm. We were going out for dinner for my mum's birthday and this was thrown together pretty quickly. I've had this gorgeous skirt since last summer but this was the first time I'd actually worn it, before I'd just admired it lovingly in my wardrobe.
I bought this in Affleck's Palace when I was down in Manchester just after my birthday last year. I was close to giving up on my shopping as it hadn't been very successful when I spotted this and knew I HAD to have it! It was a bit more than I'd usually pay for a skirt at £25, but the quality is just amazing. Definitely glad I bought it!
Writing this I've realised that my last couple of outfit posts have all been on Sundays, so as soon as I'm all healed up from the surgery and can wear something apart from pyjamas/joggies and a baggy top I'll try make it a regular Sunday feature! Makes sense for now really, as I normally wear school uniform 5 out of 7 days a week so I'm lucky if I get one post-worthy outfit to share.


4 Feb 2012

Charity Shop Finds

jumper - £1.50
Where I live is heaven for charity shops so I do love a good rummage! It's kind of hit or miss in the majority of them though, unless you're looking for a sofa. During the week I was looking through the rails of the local Salvation army when I found this jumper. The label was cut out of it so I'm not sure where it's originally from, but for only £1.50 it was a total bargain! I love the print and the colour, however the colour became a bit darker after washing so I might dye it back to it's minty glory. The perfect jumper for Scotland's chilly spring months!

1 Feb 2012

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection Shade 01

I first picked this lipstick up at the beginning of December, I fell in love with the colour at first sight. However my original lipstick was broken so I e-mailed Rimmel asking for a refund (Boots wouldn't give me one) and the lovely people at Coty sent me three of the same shade in return! I'm not sure about the colour but I do like a red lipstick when I have an occasion to dress up for. The colour is really pigmented and goes on easily, however it does slightly stain my lips when it's taken off. I never used to wear lipstick that often but recently I've started expanding my collection, right now I'm searching for the perfect nude shade and I'm going to have a look at the Mac counter in Glasgow as I've heard lots of good reviews of their lipsticks.

On the road again

The road to recovery that is! I'm finally out of hospital and starting to recover, slowly. I'm still on bed rest for the next 3 or so weeks so in that time I'm going to try write a LOT of posts and do quite a bit of work for my little blog. Later this year I'll be applying to uni which I'll need to work on a portfolio for, which could be useful for this blog and vice versa! Hope you're all well. xoxo
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