28 Jan 2012

My Patterned Legging Obsession

L-R: Mum's old leopard print, vintage fairisle, monochrome Aztec - New Look, £10,
chains & leopard - Primark, £6, grey & cream scarves - Primark, £6
If you've been reading my blog before then you'll know that I have a slight obsession with patterned leggings. Luckily for me they're all the rage these days! Primark have got a particularly good selection of leggings at the moment, for only £6 each, bargain. I'm currently after a pair of plain velvet leggings but haven't had a chance to have a look yet. New Look have also got a great range of various patterns in right now, some were about £18 if I remember correctly. Leggings are perfect for me at the moment as I do a lot of lounging about the house, but it means I can get out of my pyjamas from time to time and still feel comfortable. My mum's recently given me a massive bag of all her old leggings and there's some great ones in there that I'll maybe post on here soon!


P.S Check me out, blogging kind of consistently!


  1. loving this trend too just now!


  2. Loving clashing patterns for spring (when it eventually arrives!) Primark have a great collection of leggings at the moment


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