18 Jan 2012

Goodbye, 2011

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So we're over half way through the first month of 2012, and after a little break I'm finally set get to work on the blog! I think the best way to kick-start this blogging year would be a round-up of what went on in the last year. 
January saw the beginning of the run up to my Standard Grade exams, starting with lots and lots of folio deadlines that I somehow, being one of the most disorganised people I know, managed to successfully meet. 

February was a pretty quiet month for me, I spent a lot of time in Manchester for my Grandma's 70th birthday and for the very first time my whole family was in the same building at once! I have quite a big family.

In March I was lucky enough to get a lovely new netbook that is now my trusty blogging partner. At this point, the pressure of exams was really building, with only a month to go.

April brought about the dreaded exams! Albeit right at the end of the month, but it was still April. The sun decided to make a sneaky appearance this month, not for too long but sun is sun! I also saw one of my absolute favourite musicians - Katy Perry - for the first time this year.

May was consumed by exams, and my hard work obviously paid off! 

In June I started my 5th year of high school - the notoriously hard highers. I only had to endure a couple of weeks of these before finally breaking up for summer.

In July I spent a week in Yorkshire, enjoying the thrills of Flamingo Land and the gorgeous countryside. This was also the month that I turned 16 and to celebrate I had a lovely lunch with the girls then spent a weekend shopping in Manchester with my boyfriend. It was quite an occasion, as it was the first time I'd ever been to Manchester without my mum, but all of my family live there so I wasn't quite alone. My mum & I also launched our online jewellery business, a hobby we'd both had for a while.

August was where this year started to go downhill and I first fell ill, I must warn you that the remaining months were pretty uneventful due to the long periods of time I spent between the hospital and my bed. 

September was mostly spent in the hospital, as it was the first full month of this mystery illness and at that point was still a slightly emergency situation. 

In October I went to my first wedding (minus my Mum & Dad's) which was my boyfriend's brothers. It was an absolutely lovely day, I'm definitely one of those people who get emotional at weddings. I also spent a week in Amsterdam, which was fantastic. It is a beautiful place and the break was much needed.

November started off fantastically, with me getting to see Katy Perry for a second time. There was almost a third but the experience just exhausted me and I took a bad turn. 

And finally we have December, yet another month mostly taken over by illness, but it also brought about one of my favourite times of year - Christmas! I love Christmas as it means spending time with my family all together, and of course presents. 

Looking back over 2011 reminds me just how much I did actually manage to do in the year, and all of the good times, rather than the last half of the year which was under a constant shadow. Thank you for staying put during this year, here's to many more!
Next up, my 2012 dreams!



  1. hello, I've been following your blog for a little while and thought I'd leave you a comment! sorry to hear about your health problems, do you know what it is yet? so lovely to see that you are keeping positive despite being ill. looking forward to reading your plans for the new year xx

    1. thanks :) nope, no idea, and it's looking like we might not find out and just have to leave it to go away itself :( it's been hard but I suppose you get used to it! xxx


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