25 Jan 2012

Christmas & NYE Outfits

NYE outfit (left) Dress: Rare @ Topshop - £15; Heels: New Look - £10
Christmas outfit (right) Dress: Love @ Topshop - £10; Heels: Primark - £16
I'm a bit late posting these outfits, but better late than never! My Christmas outfit was actually for my school dance, but I just always refer to it as my Christmas outfit. On Christmas day itself I actually wore a black velvet dress from Missguided, but I don't have any photographs so will try get a decent outfit snap of it at some point in the future. I loved the colour of the dress, as well as the shape. Those heels were HELL to walk in and I definitely couldn't dance in them, but I'm a sucker for leopard print and I just had to have them.
On New Year's Eve I had friends round to mine for a Just Dance extravaganza as usual. The heels were super comfortable, I'd been looking for a nice pair of chunky black wedges for a while and I spotted these in the New Look sale along with my boots! The dress itself wasn't planned, as I'd picked out a dress at Urban Outfitters from the Renewal section and got it put by so my boyfriend could use his staff discount for it, but due to a cock mix-up in the shop they ended up giving it to someone else! Safe to say I was a bit peeved, but in my mad dash to find a dress on Hogmanay itself I found this beauty hidden on the Topshop sale rail. I absolutely love it, so I guess it's not too bad that I missed out on my original dress!


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