23 Jan 2012

The boots.

Were £70, reduced to £35 - New Look

I'd been looking for the perfect pair of boots for a while when I spotted these, but at £70 they were a little bit pricey for me! I was still debating buying them at full price, but when I went in to New Look in the middle of the jam-packed sales and spotted them at half price I was desperate to have them. Even more so when the last pair in the shop was my size! They are the perfect height and so comfortable. I'm only 5'2 and my friends are all 5'7 or above, so heels are a big part of my life, but all of mine are more 'party' shoes so finally I have a pair of casual heels that make me feel a bit less small! They're definitely one of my pricier purchases - I'm a bit of a Primark junkie - but I know they'll last a long time and I'll get plenty of wear out of them. Sadly I've not managed to wear them much because I've not been out much, every time I look at them I just want to put them on with my PJs!



  1. Oh what a bargain! :) Those boots are amazing! :)


  2. What an amazing deal! Those boots are gorgeous, and we're the same height so i feel your pain, i HAVE to live in heels or i'm just looking up the whole time hahaha!
    Love your blog :) xx


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