29 Sep 2011

We found love in a hard place

A rare, awkwardly posed outfit shot. With any luck this will actually post at the right time (Thursday evening!) as I'm not used to scheduling my posts but it must be done if I'm to keep up some sort of routine! 
This is actually my mum's jumper from New Look and I 'borrowed' it to venture out into the battering rain and ferocious Scottish gales we had on Sunday. When it starts to get cold I just love to throw on one of my mum's various jumpers as a dress, nice and cosy! I'm also looking to 'borrow' a pair of boots she bought recently, but she knows what I'm up to and has sadly hidden them from me :( Looking for my own similar pair though, and I'm also planning on buying these that I spotted while browsing. I'd been looking for a pair of leopard print moccasins for a while now and as soon as I saw these I just knew I have to have them! My leopard-print obsession is slowly growing, it appears to be some sort of family trait as my two older cousins and most of my aunts also love the leopard!


27 Sep 2011

Her ways are high and steep

MUA 'Heaven & Earth' eyeshadow palette - Superdrug £4; 36 colouring pencils - WH Smith £3.99; 
Company High-Street Edit (& Company) £4; and my newly threaded eyebrows.

Still no exciting posts really, but I'm determined to keep on blogging. I've treated myself to a couple of things over the past weekend - and also been treated to a Frankie & Benny's which is always good. Superdrug are doing eyebrow threading for £5 so I thought I would give it a go seeing as my eyebrows had been quite neglected recently, very happy with the results! Surprisingly I didn't find it very painful, even after being put off slightly by my friend's comments on the experience.
Next weekend it's my boyfriend's brother's wedding and I am SUPER excited. The only wedding I've been to in my life was my mum and dad's - I was the maid of honour and I was 3. I've had major outfit breakdowns over the past couple of days but finally settled on a cream lace H&M dress, cream heels and a floral cardigan if it gets cold, but it's meant to be a sort of heatwave luckily! Struggling to find a bag big enough to fit my camera, phone and spare shoes but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem.
I'm a bit of a busy girl this week, along with the wedding I have to get my nails done; hair; possibly a spray tan; (eek!) a hospital appointment and lots and lots of homework. I was at a Higher Education Conference last Tuesday and have ended up with a prospectus for every single university in Scotland, some in England, one in Wales, a couple from Ireland and one for the USA. I think I may have decided what course I desperately want to do, out of the thousands I've looked at! However I can't quite decide if I should apply for uni this year or next year, I'll probably wait until my 6th year but it's so weird to think that I could be out of high school next year! And the way I'm feeling about my school right now, that is not a bad thing.

Have a lovely little song that has been stuck in my head all day - hence the post title.



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