1 Nov 2011

Let's go all the way tonight

Last week ended rather badly for me, but two days in and this week is going great!
Yesterday I managed to get a Katy Perry ticket for Thursday night for less than face value AHHHHHH! Love her so much. Then today I got my predicted grades for my highers and I somehow, after missing almost 2 months of school, managed to get predicted at AAABC which is more than I need to get a conditional for the course I want to do at uni. Being told this totally motivated me and I now feel like I can actually now get the grades I need. Oh, and one of my tweets got up on the screens at Katy's concert tonight too! I wish I could go to every night this week but I just can't afford it sadly :(
Just a tiny wee update, I didn't feel like posting much after the downer that was last week, but I have a couple of Halloween pictures to put up which I'll do at some point this week!

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