17 Nov 2011

In love with Love

I've known about Love for a while, but only recently did I actually buy a dress from there. I found this years Christmas dress in the Topshop sale for £10 and absolutely loved it, lovely colour and style, quite simple, but you'll see closer to Christmas! I'm incredibly skint at the moment and still have the majority of my Christmas shopping to do so I can't really afford to treat myself to any of these lovelies, not that they're particularly expensive! Definitely after one of the asymmetrical maxi dresses, I think they're gorgeous! That leopard print maxi skirt is lovely too but I have definitely bought a lot of leopard print lately.. 
So excuse the kind of lame post, I've just had a bit of blogger's block lately! As usual...



  1. I love LOVE too. I never know what to call them. so confused, i always just call them by the url! "inlovewithfashion.com". I sound stupid when i say it aswell. You've chosen some lovely pieces here! x

  2. I love all of these! That leopard print skirt in particular is fantastic x

  3. They all are really great, but I am in love with that leopard print maxi skirt! Ah so beautiful!


  4. I love that third wrap dress - it looks beautiful!


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