28 Oct 2011

Mini Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Mini chocolate orange cupcakes with orange flavoured icing, made these on Saturday afternoon and they are superbly yummy! Sadly I've only eaten two as my mum and brother have scoffed the lot between them.

24 Oct 2011

Amsterdam #2

the gorgeous views; a windmill in the city centre; by the Amstel canal before a boat tour;
view by water; Anne Frank's house (the middle)

I absolutely loved Amsterdam, it was a beautiful place and there was a lot to do! It also made me want to go to Venice quite badly, I think it'd be amazing there!



22 Oct 2011

Amsterdam #1

Sorry I didn't get round to scheduling any posts for while I was away! I only realised on the Sunday morning that I forgot, but then I just didn't have enough time to get any written before I left :( I actually took tons of photos in Amsterdam, it's a gorgeous place with all the little canals, but here is a very small selection of my favourites, in two parts...

our boat to Holland; sunset over the Geordie Shore; arriving in Ijmuiden; 
the view from my hotel window; the hotel room; the cute little square my hotel was on;
dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where strangely a lot of Scottish people work.


14 Oct 2011

tot ziens!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week, it was a l-o-n-g week. Went back to school for a couple of days to sit some exams because of my 'mystery illness'. It seems never-ending and I just wanted to get them out of the way! In a bit of an argument with Vodafone at the moment because they told me I would have my beloved phone back by Wednesday, it is now Friday and they've been telling me for two days that they'll 'be in touch as soon as possible." Yeah, right! I've never had bad customer service with Vodafone before and they've normally been super quick to respond, just not when I need it most apparently!

Anyway, the reason for the title of this post is the fact that on Sunday morning I'm off to Amsterdam! We need to get the train from our local station, change at another to get to Edinburgh then change at Edinburgh to get a train to Newcastle, arriving there about 3. The boat was originally sailing at 5, but this has now changed to 7 so we have a few hours to kill when we get there. I'm really excited about going because I've not been to Amsterdam since I was about 6, and just a holiday will be nice!
I'll try schedule some posts for while I'm away but having a total blogger's block at the moment, sorry!


6 Oct 2011

Currently Coveting #2 - Patterned Leggings

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (only £5!) - 6


4 Oct 2011

TumblrLove #1

A small selection of pictures I love from tumblr. Credit can be found on my tumblr amongst the cats, food and clothes.


1 Oct 2011

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