27 Sep 2011

Her ways are high and steep

MUA 'Heaven & Earth' eyeshadow palette - Superdrug £4; 36 colouring pencils - WH Smith £3.99; 
Company High-Street Edit (& Company) £4; and my newly threaded eyebrows.

Still no exciting posts really, but I'm determined to keep on blogging. I've treated myself to a couple of things over the past weekend - and also been treated to a Frankie & Benny's which is always good. Superdrug are doing eyebrow threading for £5 so I thought I would give it a go seeing as my eyebrows had been quite neglected recently, very happy with the results! Surprisingly I didn't find it very painful, even after being put off slightly by my friend's comments on the experience.
Next weekend it's my boyfriend's brother's wedding and I am SUPER excited. The only wedding I've been to in my life was my mum and dad's - I was the maid of honour and I was 3. I've had major outfit breakdowns over the past couple of days but finally settled on a cream lace H&M dress, cream heels and a floral cardigan if it gets cold, but it's meant to be a sort of heatwave luckily! Struggling to find a bag big enough to fit my camera, phone and spare shoes but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem.
I'm a bit of a busy girl this week, along with the wedding I have to get my nails done; hair; possibly a spray tan; (eek!) a hospital appointment and lots and lots of homework. I was at a Higher Education Conference last Tuesday and have ended up with a prospectus for every single university in Scotland, some in England, one in Wales, a couple from Ireland and one for the USA. I think I may have decided what course I desperately want to do, out of the thousands I've looked at! However I can't quite decide if I should apply for uni this year or next year, I'll probably wait until my 6th year but it's so weird to think that I could be out of high school next year! And the way I'm feeling about my school right now, that is not a bad thing.

Have a lovely little song that has been stuck in my head all day - hence the post title.





  1. I love reading your blog!
    -Daysha http://dayshaprettylittlethings.blogspot.com

  2. You are very pretty! And I really like your blog! :)
    loved that Oasis song!

    maybe wanna follow each other?


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