1 Aug 2011

A (long) Weekend in Photos

So on Friday I finally turned 16, then I spent the weekend shopping in manchester. I'll go into more detail on another post, as well as all my shopping! I finally got my fantastic camera, iPod dock and a sewing machine, yay!
On to the photos...

pizza hut with the girls, and my gorgeous cath kidston bag!

katy perry perfume!

dinner with the family

dozing off in central after 5 hours sleep

my boyfriend's first ever tram journey

before going out for dinner

£10 shoes!

BBQ chicken sandwich, mm

legendary burger

the Oasis wall

this brownie was a total foodgasm.

on the manchester wheel after dinner

my uncles tarantula that watches you shower...

£10 playsuit, second day of shopping!

my uncle's gorgeous cats

heaton park hall

loved coming back home to my gorgeous cat

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