10 Aug 2011

What's In My Bag

I used to always use a different bag every day, but since I got my dream Cath Kidston bag as a birthday present I've finally settled in to using the one bag, which I have to admit is a lot easier.

My diary, a few kirbys, dried mango, keys, railcard, iPod, purse and spare memory card

A selection of my various cards and passes, please do not laugh at the ridiculous photo on my Young Scot or Bus card. 

And of course, my trusty camera. 


8 Aug 2011

Hey Mr Postman..

The past week my postman has been bringing me quite a lot of goodies... and I've also been treating myself to a few things over the past month or so.

The MJ Unmasked and Treasures books we're from The Works, £13 altogether, the rest are from Amazon

saw this in the sale and loved it! only £9 too, totally worth it.

As well as these shoes I also bought these, the white wedges are from New Look, black ones from Next and the other two from Primark.

I saw this skirt and absolutely had to have it, it has ginger and black cats all over it as well as tiny little sequins!

another New Look bargain, bought my birthday dress too

This cute playsuit was only ten quid and I love it!

H&M dress

Topshop maxi that I found in a charity shop for a fiver!

I love these shorts, New Look, again!

Although alongside these treats I also got something I'd been dreading for quite a while...

Exam results.

Okay, to tell the truth I was one of the 36,000+ students who accidentally got their results by text a day early, but still, opening that envelope was a bit nerve wracking! When I first got my text telling me my results I was in shock, I totally didn't expect to get the text, or the results! I'm so happy though, I got...
Maths - 1
Business - 1
Geography - 1
German - 1 (massive shock)
Home Ec - 1
Art - 2
English - 2
Chemistry - 2
I'm so happy with my results, I definitely did NOT expect to do that well!

Anyway, I'm just about to schedule a What's In My Bag post for Wednesday, featuring my gorgeous new Cath Kidston bag!


1 Aug 2011

A (long) Weekend in Photos

So on Friday I finally turned 16, then I spent the weekend shopping in manchester. I'll go into more detail on another post, as well as all my shopping! I finally got my fantastic camera, iPod dock and a sewing machine, yay!
On to the photos...

pizza hut with the girls, and my gorgeous cath kidston bag!

katy perry perfume!

dinner with the family

dozing off in central after 5 hours sleep

my boyfriend's first ever tram journey

before going out for dinner

£10 shoes!

BBQ chicken sandwich, mm

legendary burger

the Oasis wall

this brownie was a total foodgasm.

on the manchester wheel after dinner

my uncles tarantula that watches you shower...

£10 playsuit, second day of shopping!

my uncle's gorgeous cats

heaton park hall

loved coming back home to my gorgeous cat
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