27 Jun 2011

School's Out For Summer!

Finally my summer holidays are here! School officially finished on Friday lunchtime but I finished Thursday lunch time instead. The weather's not been up to much in Scotland, unlike the rest of the UK it seems, it has been a decent temperature just quite muggy and humid.
Thursday was my first anniversary with my boyfriend, so we went out to dinner at DiMaggios in Glasgow. On Friday my girls stayed over before we all set off for our hols! Saturday was a lazy day, then yesterday I was through in Edinburgh seeing the amazing Kings Of Leon. It was a great night, but hellish getting home. Today I went to see Bridesmaids which was really good too! This summer looks quite good for films.
I wasn't meant to be going anywhere on holiday this year, but in the space of a week I now have three holidays booked! In two weeks I'm off to Yorkshire to this lovely little cottage for a few days to go to Flamingo Land; where I went on my first rollercoaster quite a few years ago. Then in October we're going to Amsterdam for a week, and at Christmas my whole family are all going to Blackpool like we usually do (minus last year). Oh and obviously I have my weekend of shopping in Manchester with my boyfriend the day after my birthday.

So now that it's summer I've got 7 weeks to fill! Right now I'm sitting watching Gary: Tank Commander - amazing show - and making some plans. Tomorrow I'm going to renew my gym membership and sign up for Zumba, along with setting up my bank account and getting my bankcard. Wednesday I'm off to the cinema again, but I don't really have many plans for the rest of the week. My jammy boyfriend is going to T in the Park next week and seeing one of my all time favourite bands, Foo Fighters, and I'm extremely jealous. 

I've had absolutely no luck with the summer job hunt, I've applied to tons of places and had no reply at all. I'm starting to save up for a school trip to New York and Washington, it's in two years but it's going to be costly and I want to be able to pay for a lot of it myself if possible. My dad's possibly going to let me work with him for a week or so, which would be handy.

Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'm going to go back to reading MLIA and watching Gurreh. Sorry for the text heavy post!

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  1. Yippee! I'm officially on holidays now too! I can't wait to make exciting plans! Eek!

    Lost in the Haze


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