7 Jun 2011

Fell Down a Hole

Yet again I'm doing so badly with posting! Sorry! Anyway I'm going to try do a belter of a post just now to make up for it.

So, my exams finished a couple of weeks ago and I had a week off before school so I painted my room, something I'd been wanting to do for years. I used to have a fitted wardrobe and desk that were so space consuming but didn't actually provide much space for any of my stuff! There are some not-very-good photos of my old room that can be found here, basically it was crammed and cluttered with rubbish, so I had a massive clear out then revamped it!

my new - slightly organised - wardrobe

all this space! love it. all of my cats that I've collected and a horrible netball photo.

one of my bookcases, the other is outside my room (geek at heart)

all of my photos and posters are going on the white wall here so it looks kinda bare

tv and bedside table, so totally not watching absolute crap on tv (my super sweet 16)

I'm super happy with it! I'd had the same room for almost seven years so it was a very welcome change and I just love how much more space I have now. Can't wait to add all the little finishing touches to it.

As I mentioned, I've finished my exams. Yesterday I started my 5th year of high school and my highers, I was meant to take fashion & textiles but my school somehow couldn't sort it out for me and a handful of other people in my year so in the end I decided to take travel & tourism which so far I am loving! I also do maths, English, art and business. It's going to be a tough year but I really hope it'll be worth it. It's strange having double periods, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. 

In a couple of weeks my school breaks up for summer and I've been desperately hunting for a summer job! I have traipsed around town for hours just asking and asking, along with handing in CVs, but so far I've had absolutely no responses, which is kind of annoying considering I'm trying to save up for my trip to Manchester after my birthday. 

I've got totally back in to reading, I've always been a bookworm just like my mum and dad (the gene seems to have skipped my younger brother though) and have hundreds of books! On my fortnight holiday last year I read a grand total of 19 books, which is quite a lot. I love so many genres, Stephen King is my absolute favourite author and between my mum and I we own every single book he has written, he is seriously genius. Right now it seems I'm loving autobiographies! I found my library card during my clear out and I've just finished Michael McIntyre's Life and Laughing, and made a start on Russell Brand's Booky Wook. Along with books I can't get enough of my current magazine obsessions: Grazia, Heat, Teen Vogue and Seventeen. I love American teen magazines, I just wish they were a bit easier to get hold of over here!

Speaking of America, my tourism teacher was telling us all about a trip my school offers to America, I'm not going on it this year but possibly this year. I've always wanted to go to America or even live there for a while, so I'm hoping that after I've got uni (I hope) out of the way I can just take myself on a big trip across America, or the world. I've always loved finding out about new countries and cultures, my dad loves it too so I have someone to watch my documentaries with (told you I was a geek at heart) and tons of amazing books to read. I just really want to see the world!

Anyway, I have rambled a LOT, so I'm off to watch some more rubbish TV and some sketches for art, hopefully I'll get a bit better at posting from now on! xxx


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  1. I love your pink tv! haha



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