15 May 2011

Wanted: Motivation

Sorry I've been a bit absent, yet again. I had a whole 9 days off and I basically spent the whole time playing The Sims 3 as I am a COMPLETE Sims junkie. I have every original Sims game, all of the Sims 2 games, the Sims: Stories collection, plenty of GBA/DS/Wii/PS2/Xbox versions, a pair of slippers (yes, Sims slippers) along with The Sims 3 + Ambitions. I'd love more of the expansions for Sims 3 but my mum's laptop can't cope with them :(
Went on a bit of a sims ramble there! Anyway, yes. Tomorrow I have my Home Economics exam which is a bit of a pain in the bum, and then I only have four more to do! On Wednesday morning (10am to be exact) I'm going to see the long awaited fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean! I absolutely love Johnny Depp and I've been so excited to see this, I was so happy when I realised I didn't have an exam that day so I was free to see it as early as possible!
To make up for the lack of posting I have a bit of a 'haul', well, it's pretty much just some bits and bobs I've bought over the past month or so. Not everything is here because I have a couple of outfit posts I want to try get up at some point soon.

ring, £1.50 - primark

high waisted denim shorts - primark

floral dress - new look
got an outfit post for this one later on with better photos!

a very true top, £6 - primark


barry m nail paint in coral (196) and vivid purple (161)

floral shoes - £1! primark

Yeah a bit rubbish, I know! Anyway, going to go cram in some last minute revision before tomorrow. I promise I'll try my best to get some half decent posts up sometime soon. xxxx

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