1 May 2011

In the summer time when the weather is high..

Loving the sunshine, it makes such a change after the freezing winter! Had a lovely day relaxing in the sun and shopping yesterday and went to a barbecue to celebrate the royal nuptials. It's my brother's 13th birthday today so his friends are coming over in a bit then we're all heading out for a chinese, yum! I'm off until Wednesday, when I sit my maths exam, then on Friday I sit english. Scary stuff! Quite relaxed for now and enjoying the holiday weekend, but come Tuesday I will be stressing and studying studying studying.
I bought this dress from H&M yesterday and I love it! So comfy. Also bought a floral dress from New Look on Friday which is super comfy and cute.
Just a shortie, I'll hopefully have a photo post for tomorrow. Enjoy the weather and holiday wherever you are! xxx


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