24 May 2011

Almost there!

So I'm finally on to the last stretch of my exams, tomorrow I have business management (the biggie) then on Thursday I have chemistry. Today I had Geography which is in total three and a half hours worth of writing, resulting in a pretty sore hand. I also handed in a job application at M&Co for just a summer job and I'm planning on trying some more places in Glasgow on Thursday! I'm trying to save all my pennies for when I go down to Manchester for my birthday but since I've started saving I keep seeing all these things I want! Particularly some books, a Cath Kidston bag (that I might just ask for for my birthday instead) and a gorgeous top from Topshop. Scotland is currently being blasted with some very high winds and my path to school was shut off today due to a pretty big tree falling on it. I feel like Mary Poppins every time I leave the house! I miss the gorgeous sunshine we had not that long ago, I really hope it comes back soon!

I've been thinking a lot about my future recently, I still think it's mad that we're expected to make decisions about future careers at this age, even in the past few months I've changed my mind multiple times about what I want to do, but luckily it's all kind of in the same spectrum, so my subject choices should cover a good few possibilities. I always say that I can't wait to move out and be more independent, but it is quite a scary prospect. Even searching for my first little summer job is proving to be quite difficult for me, I'm quite a shy person sometimes.

Anyway I'm rambling! I'm going to go cram in some last minute studying for business before tomorrow, hopefully I'll soon be able to get some more interesting posts up here, but judging by my previous ones that may be a while!

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