22 Apr 2011

Stress, Stress and.... More Stress!

So as any of my 15 readers will surely know by now, my exams are soon. Very soon. My first is this Wednesday to be exact. I am beyond scared/stressed/nervous.
My first exam is art, this Wednesday. It's basically a day of drawing, well five hours, but this is in my eyes one of my most important exams! I need to do really well in this one as I want to take art at higher next year just in case I possibly decide to do fashion business at uni, which is probably very likely. After that I have maths and English, almost two weeks off, two exams one week then three the next and another ten or so days off! After that I officially start my higher courses, which will hopefully be maths, English, art, business and fashion & textiles.
So yeah, I'm stressed out.

On a lighter note the weather the past few days has been absolutely lovely for a change, it's meant to be our hottest April since records began! Today I was in Glasgow celebrating my friend's 16th by going to see Beastly - which is pretty good! I'm quite a film lover, I have an unlimited card and love to go to the cinema whenever possible! Also signed up to LoveFilm and have a very long list of DVDs to be sent to me. Right now I have The Haunting and The Mist. I was watching a bit of The Mist earlier but I find it such a scary film (not sure why, films don't tend to scare me easily!) so I decided to save it for another time, hopefully lighter and with more people awake in my house. I'm a bit of a Stephen King geek, between me and my mum we own every single book ever published and I love them all. If you think The Shining is a good film, read the book. It's so much better!

I probably won't post much for the next two weeks, maybe a random little rant about being stressed yet again, but as soon as I get art, maths and English over with I'll try get back into a bit of a routine. I have a couple of outfit pics on a friend's camera but she doesn't have a cable at the moment so I'll post them when I get them!
So enjoy whatever you get up to and let's hope the lovely sunshine lasts. I'll leave you with a picture of the gorgeous man I bumped into in Cineworld today.. so not a cardboard cut-out.


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