6 Apr 2011

So Fetch!

Yes, I have returned, and yes, I am currently watching Mean Girls (BEST FILM EVER!) Sorry I've been a bit MIA, it's just exams exams exams for me. My first exam is art on the 27th and I am s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d. We're currently on 'spring break' from school which is fandabbydosey, but I know a fair majority of this is to be spent studying. Not ideal but still - hopefully my results will be worth it.
Last night I went to see the AMAZING Katy Perry. Amazing doesn't even begin to explain it. She is x100000000 hotter in real life and puts on a fantastic show. Candyfloss scented hall, bubbles that burst into glitter, massive cupcakes, need I say more?
I'm going down to Manchester on Friday morn to see family and shop, which I can't wait for. Three of my closest friends are turning sixteen this week so partying has occurred, girly sleepover with Paranormal Activity last Sunday night, massive sweet 16 bash next Tuesday and then again on Friday! Great fun, and an excuse for a new outfit. I've had my eye on a super cute shirt in Primark, not my usual kind of style but I'll try it anyway.
What else... Oh, last week I finally got a new phone! I'm the proud owner of a Blackberry Torch and it's official - I'm in love. After over a year of not having a phone that's worth over £15 it's like all my Christmases at once!
After uploading the ensuing pictures I'm off to trawl eBay and tweet constantly, do a bit of packing and have a well needed sleep!

my new floral duvet cover and what life currently consists of.

found this when clearing out my room - what a cutie ;)

my gorgeous cat is such a poser.

i wanna see your peacock-cock-cock!


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  1. Glad you enjoyed katy perry! :) and wow, you're def gonna be a busy lass eh! Have fun in manchester xx


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