18 Apr 2011

Another Quick Post...

You may have noticed that I changed the design of my blog a bit, just an old photo I thought would suit nicely. So I'm back at school, 5 more school days then I have exams :( My first is a week on Wednesday, not happy about that. It'll be nice to get them over with though!
My 16th birthday is at the end of july and I'm hopefully getting a replacement for my old (broken) Nikon D40, I've been scouring the interwebs the majority of the night and I can't find any decent cameras that are within my budget (£150-200 max) and I'm unable to find some sort of unemployment to try chip in a bit more! Hopefully I'll find one soon enough.
Anyway when I said quick I meant quick! I need to be up at 7 tomorrow and after about 6 hours sleep last night my bed is screaming my name. G'night! xxxxx

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