27 Apr 2011

1/8th of the way there..

I sat my art exam today. I was practically crying this morning with nerves but thankfully it went okay! (I hope..) I have one day left of school which shouldn't be too bad then my study leave officially starts next Tuesday, but seeing as we have Friday and Monday off then it pretty much starts Friday. I have exams next Wednesday and Friday, then I have a whole week off! To study obviously, but also to get back to the gym, clear out my room and demolish the last of my Easter eggs.
So minus the exams, I have a pretty easy month ahead of me. Then I start back at school on June 6th as a 5th year, scary! Summer really is just around the corner and I can't wait to relax properly. At the end of July I turn 16 and some point after my birthday I'm going down to Manchester with my boyfriend on the train for a day to take him shopping. It'll be my first time in Manchester without my mum and dad, but seeing as I go down every couple of months I know my way pretty well. I can't wait to take him to Affleck's Palace, the Arndale and maybe even where I grew up if we have enough time!
Just a quick wee post, I'm away out a run now to enjoy this lovely weather and feel less guilty about stuffing my face with chocolate.


  1. Congratulations on completing your exam, am sure you did great! x

  2. Congrats! And you have a nice blog!



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