6 Mar 2011

Sunday Sum-Up

So! Sunday again, got that horrible "shit, school tomorrow" feeling, it's even worse after the lovely weekend I've had. I'm so glad to get this week out of the way, it really annoyed me at times. Anyway, a few pictures then a bit about my weekend!

Barry M instant effects, love it! (Eyeko Punk Polish as a base)

the bathroom light conked out, candle fest.

my lovely new netbook.
midway through doing my nails stripey, didn't go very well.
So, on to my weekend! On Friday night I went to see Paul, which is a pretty decent film. I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, funny guys. I did a lot of homework during the day on Saturday, then I went to see the absolutely hilarious Russell Howard on Saturday, was in tears from laughing so much! I thought it would just be his jokes from his TV shows and stuff, but it was all new material (for me anyway) and super duper funny. The couple sitting behind me kept arguing the whole way through, which was pretty annoying, but about 10 minutes into the second half the guy just got up and left which was a relief.
Today I went to the cinema again with my lovely friend Megan to see Unknown. I love Liam Neeson, he's a brill actor! It really was a great film. We were going to go see No Strings Attached too (we both have Cineworld cards so it wasn't costing) but had to get back :( After my dad picked me up he surprisingly took me to McDonalds - yum! - and now I'm just out of a lovely bath with one of my Lush bubble bars; not quite sure which one as I just keep them all in a massive box, but it smelt delicious.
This week consists of a lot of work, mostly for art. I can't wait until summer, or at least after my exams are finished!


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  1. I really need to go and see Paul before it finishes at the cinema. Love your nail effect, I really need to get some of this new Barry M stuff!


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