22 Feb 2011

stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.

I meant to post this yesterday night, but due to technical difficulties (read: my netbook breaking after only 6 months and needing to get a brand new one) and a massive pile of homework I decided it can wait until now.

So, after being ill for the hundredth time this year I decided it was time I got my ass into shape, literally. This is an important year for me, my first set of exams are coming up at the end of April and I don't want to be ill and miss more work or revision of stuff I've already missed! So, armed with my Wii and a strange motivation I've never really had before, I'm going to get fit.
This seems to have stemmed from an "oh my god, I'm going to fail my exams and live in a cardboard box for the rest of my life"/stress/ocd attack yesterday. I gutted my room, sorted out a study plan and an exercise one too.
I've always been self concious about my weight, I've gone from eating barely anything to my atrocious diet recently of a Dominoes a week (the downside of being in a relationship) and now I'm trying to sort it out. I'm cutting out tea for a while due to the enormous amount of sugar I put in it, no red meat Monday - Friday, I couldn't miss out on a bit of Spag Bol at the weekend) and trying to get my 5 a day, every day.
I've also never been very active, I play netball once a week, occasionally twice, and have been known to make a rare appearance at the gym. Now, I'm playing Wii Fit for at least an hour every day, and Just Dance 2 (best game ever!) for at least 30 minutes too. I'm going to go back to the gym as well :)

I just suddenly feel so motivated and it's fantastic, apart from a slight hiccup yesterday with my laptop where I probably just sat and cried for a good while, I'm really happy and actually feel organised for a change! Around the new year I read tons of new year - new you posts, but I just wasn't motivated then, it's definitely time to kickstart. It doesn't have to be a new year to be a new you.


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